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  • At the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2008, Bill Gates coined the term “creative capitalism”. In Asia, the family-owned business must be a critical part of the creative capitalism debate, writes Christian Stewart

  • When a founder passes and leaves the business to his children, it can have many implications if the children take different approaches to management or do not get along, writes Christian Stewart

  • When a family starts to work together to organise a family council and create family policies, the questions inevitably comes up: "what will we do if someone doesn't follow the rules?", writes Christian Stewart

  • In the US, if you are a wealthy individual, you would not walk across the road without taking your lawyer, tax advisor, accountant and therapist with you. The wealthy Asian individual, however, will walk across the road on his/her own.

  • Sometimes, family members don't want to be tied into the family, they want their freedom. In that case, let them go. Sometimes the role of the family advisor is not about helping a family stay united.

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