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Tax and Jurisdictions

The ability to tax plan and tax mitigate is now treated almost as the divine right of the wealthy, but in our straightened times is this attitude any longer morally defensible, assuming it ever was?

With the transfer of wealth to the next generation of Asians underway and growing interest from highly-taxed western families, the region’s financial centres are rushing to court family offices, writes Paul Golden.

As established financial centres disagree on the merits of proposed European legislation, smaller jurisdictions such as Malta hope to benefit, writes Marc Smith

Recent volatility has highlighted the need to diversify outside correlated assets in order to strengthen portfolios. Managed futures provide such diversification although they come with risks, writes Cherry Reynard.

The image of Russian entrepreneurs in the popular press may be of rapacious capitalists with a penchant for huge yachts and modern art, but the reality is somewhat more complex according to a new report by UBS/Campden Research, writes Marc Smith.