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Special report

In a world of global businesses, families increasingly view themselves as citizens of the world says Martyn C Gower. But what effect is this internationalisation having on different generations of the family, and on the business?

When a family business goes global, by choice or by circumstance, the family could then face the further decision of whether or not to go public. Will this make the business easier to manage or will the family lose control? John A Davis explores …

In today’s globalised world, taking the family business global is unavoidable if the family wants to stay together as owners. François de Visscher and Jane Simms assess the challenges and opportunities that confront families who are faced with this decision

Comparatively few Western business owners feel the need to invest in personal security against the threat of kidnap but in Latin America, the threat is all too real. Rodrigo Amaral delves into this murky world and assesses how it can be avoided

The gender gap in Latin America is still fairly large, but it is becoming increasingly common for a woman to run the family business. Jane Simms looks at the attitude towards working women in Latin America and those who have made it to the top

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