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Special report

Families in Business asked the next generation to tell us their views on the future and how they see themselves and their family. Do you know what the next generation of your family really thinks about you and your business? Read on to find out…

Next gens from all over the globe are joining their family business or holding a prominent position within the company. Families in Business takes a look at some of the most notable next gens who are making the headlines today

An entirely new breed of family offices is emerging in the 21st century, shaped by a next generation who are introducing new ideas about the role of the organisation. Suzanna de Baca explores how three family business heirs have recreated their family offices

Family-run businesses in Japan have spawned world-leading corporations, but ruinous inheritance taxes and fraud scandals have taken a heavy toll. Tim Hornyak meets the great and the good of family business leaders in Japan to gauge their views…

Known for their pragmatism and bluntness, Australians inhabit a vast island nation where family enterprise is deeply influenced by a harsh natural environment and social history. Dennis Jaffe investigates the succession issues facing the Aussie family businesses

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