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Ownership and Management

If you are considering making changes to your employee benefit programme, now is a good time to do it – with little volatility in the employment market there should be a minimal negative impact. As long as it is handled carefully it could be cost-effective for your business too...

Many British brands have been acquired by large, foreign family-owned conglomerates. How do they manage to retain the quintessential British qualities so important to their image?

Good and bad people can be found in both public and private companies the world over. But family businesses offer many advantages over other models of capitalism – and can even be argued to be morally superior


It’s been two years since FIB first reported on the formation of a new family business organisation, the Institute for Family Business, the UK chapter of the Family Business Network. Suzy Bibko interviewed Grant Gordon to find out how the association had progressed.

The University of Gloucestershire embarked on a new programme in 2003 – the first ever MBA dedicated to family business.

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