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Ownership and Management

The concept of learning is gaining currency among researchers in entrepreneurship and family business. So are disputes in a family business a constructive or a destructive force for change? Andrew Godfrey and John Tucker explain

Family meetings are not a time to dwell on grievances or conflicts but an opportunity to to talk openly and honestly about any personal family and business issues relating to their legacy, says Dennis Jaffe

Melanie Stern talks to Nan Langowitz, director of Babson College’s Centre for Women’s Leadership, and Jocelyn Larkin, lead litigation counsel for the 1.6m plaintiffs of the Wal-Mart sex bias class-action lawsuit, about the rising status of women leading family corporations

Young family members sometimes find themselves with a significant shareholding in a family business which does not employ them and in which they have little interest. What are the implications for the business and for other members of the family if they wish to exit? Andrew Drake explains

Ignoring the strategic landscape of the business itself, family firms can focus too heavily on leadership transition because of emotional reasons, says Andrew Keyt. Has succession overshadowed the harder long-term business goals?

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