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Several factors determine why a family business seeks to attract external capital, ranging from expansion to a change in generational ownership. Mark Dye spoke to John Mackie of Parallel to find out if obtaining private equity is the answer

The Asian markets are driving some of the well-known global hedge fund indices and appear to offer hedge fund investors rich pickings, but is this really the case and how can the investor identify the real performers, asks Richard Willsher

On November 29 Campden Publishing will host a group of 12 hedge fund managers and private investors at its Asian Hedge Fund and Boutique Managers conference. Jackson Chan of Sail Advisors, a key participant, reports on Asia’s hedge fund industry

The Middle East is a burgeoning market and there are many wealthy families needing specialist financial services. Philippe Jouard describes the challenges facing the private banking sector in meeting the cultural and financial demands of this clientele

Fuelled by smart globalisation of business and investment interests, the explosion in family wealth across India and the Far East has private banks salivating and eager to set up shop in this fruitful and burgeoning new territory, finds Melanie Stern

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