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For many family members, ensuring the family’s control of their business is kept intact for future generations is crucial and yet an astonishing number of families lose control of the family business in the third or subsequent generations. Cecilia Ward looks at the options

As an investment option Lloyds may have been blighted by past events but in recent years it has emerged as a real alternative asset class for both family offices and HNWIs. Nigel Hanbury looks at the risks and rewards of joining the insurance market

You have achieved economic success, and have all the necessary means to enjoy life to the full. But perhaps this is only one small indicia of a successful life. Frederick Metz Shepperd explains how you can contribute to society and create a true legacy

Ever since Levi Strauss donated some money to a local orphanage in San Francisco 150 years ago, the culture of giving back to the community has become embedded in the company’s philosophy. Ret Boney describes the competitive and social advantages

India’s burgeoning middle-class, skilled workforce and low cost structure make it a potentially attractive investment arena for HNWIs and family offices. But local expertise is critical for investors to identify opportunities and maximise a company’s performance, writes George Malim

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